Referring to the leading food supplier in the industry, people immediately think of Bo Cong Anh Foods. But few people know that to achieve today’s success is thanks to the efforts of a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team who always has an inquiring mind and strives to find out more new products and technologies.

Dandelion Vietnam Co., Ltd was established in 2011. With a bright mind and strong will to start a business, so far Bo Cong Anh Foods has achieved success with a team of more than 100 employees, productive power and supply every year up to thousands of tons of goods. The number of customers is increasingly rich.

Rated as a company which is capable about Logistics, our goods are always delivered to customers in the fastest time with the most economical cost.

Our raw material areas are produced at domestic and foreign regions.

We specialize in sourcing raw materials related to the food processing industry.

Receive production orders according to customer requirements.

Representing trade and developing domestic and export marker for some partners in need.

Bo Cong Anh Foods is looking for units to invest financially in a business with production conditions and potential for growth in the food industry.


BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: “Safe food to protect consumers’ health”

MISSION: “The top food supplier”

VISION: “To become a manufacturer, seller, and food supply in the worldwide”.


  • Work at it with all your heart.

  • Always learning, developing, and perfecting yourself.

  • Cooperating to create opportunities and increase value for each other.

OBJECTIVE: Will become the top supply chain in Vietnam within the next 2 years.


  • Appreciate and develop human values.
  • Be devoted to customers.

  • Follow commitments and take responsibility.

SLOGAN: “The Key to Success”

PRODUCTS: Diversified, stable, and plentiful. Managed according to HACCP standards.

QUALITY POLICY:  “Guarantee – Commitment – Safety”