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Dried seaweed Nori rice roll

Nori seaweed is made from 100% natural seaweed, dried and pressed into leaves convenient for sushi rolls. This type of seaweed can be used as a snack when combined with spices.

Frozen seasoned seaweed

Frozen seasoned seaweed mixed sesame - Chuka wakame HOTLINE: 1900.636804

Red Clam Hokkigai

Hokkigai Red Clam is famous for being a luxury dish of Japanese cuisine and is loved by customers among sushi, sashimi, ..

Snow crab legs

Snow crab legs imported from Canada are the split parts of the crab body, which are refrigerated in accordance with standards to keep the sweetness and aroma of crab meat. Snow crab leg is a product with high quality and nutritional value, so it is used a lot by restaurants and retail customers.

King Crab

King Crab is the largest type of crab in the world. Being appreciated for its nutritional value, crab meat is firm, crispy, sweet and delicious.

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