Bulot Snail

Bulot snail is a seafood dish hunted by the rich Vietnamese for their special and increasingly scarce.
Bulot snail: Nobody ever ate, used as bait for fish to become expensive food favored by gourmet "

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1. Origin of the Ireland Bulot:


Bulot snail is a seafood with the highest yield in the waters of the territory of Ireland and Normandy of France. With a catch allowed at only 900kg / day, Bulot snail has become a scarce dish in the seafood market.

This type of snail has a lifespan of up to 10 years, they grow extremely well in cold water environment in the temperate zone 100m from sea level. Because their habitat is quite clean, raw bulot snails can eat the intestines when carefully processed.

2. Taste of Ireland Bulot Snail:


Along with the scarcity, why is this dish being sought so much? The answer lies in the chewy, sweet, and extremely rich meat that will give diners an unforgettable taste.

3. Nutritional value in Ireland Bulot Snail:


In addition to the deliciously chewy, sweet meat, Bulot Snail also contains a large amount of essential vitamins and minerals for the human body, such as:

Protein is very good in creating energy for daily activities, supporting muscle building. In addition, Protein is also a substance that helps men in increasing Testosterone improve the ability of bed.
The relatively low amount of fat is suitable for most diets
Iron - balm has a very good effect in replenishing red blood cells, increasing blood flow in the body.
Calcium works in helping bones to be strong
Vitamin A is good for the eyes, supports the immune system effectively, enhances bone health, and helps the reproductive system to develop in a healthy manner.
Vitamin B helps to reduce the risk of stroke, prevent anemia and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Not stopping there, the bulot snail is a type of snail that is recommended by many experts because this dish has a positive effect on the user's bones, skin and eyes.

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