Fuji Beef


Fuji Sliced Beef For Steak

Making a standard European steak is not difficult with FUJI beef. With only 30 minutes of processing, you can completely give yourself and your family a nutritious steak, right to your own wishes in a cozy space.

Fuji Sliced Beef For Hot Pot

Let the thin, beautiful, soft and sweet sliced ​​FUJI beef pieces become ingredients for beef hot pot, replace the fried, boiled, steamed, fried ... beef that provides many essential nutrients and energy in a cozy meal with family and friends.

Fuji Beef Cubes For BBQ

Grilled beef skewers are always available at BBQ parties or family meals. However, for a delicious roast beef skewer, you must have your own tips for marinating and baking. FUJI grilled beef skewers are cut into square, beautiful will be the perfect choice, saving time and effort in processing, contributing to creating a harmonious dish …

Fuji beef Hamburger

FUJI beef Hamburger  with more than 82% beef (including 20% ​​chopped soft sweet FUJI beef 5-7mm) is mixed with a complex of spices eggs, milk; Especially onions are stirred to a moderate golden maturity, creating an attractive aroma, easy to eat and suitable for all ages.

Fuji Thinly Sliced Beef For BBQ

Beef tenderness is a prerequisite for the taste and flavor of thinly fried / grilled beef. Choose FUJI beef as a companion to ensure the nutrition and richness in every meal after a busy day at work.

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