Ireland Brown Crab

Ireland Brown Crab (FZ .Ireland COOKED Whole Brown Crab) is delicious, safe, nutritious, firm, white and high in protein. Not only that, but also crab meat has very high nutritional value.

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Ireland Brown Crab

The Ireland brown crab (FZ .Ireland COOKED Whole Brown Crab) is a species of sea crab that is widely distributed in the waters of Northern Europe.

They appear in clean waters, with golden sandy bottoms and clear blue water sources such as the waters of Scotland, Ireland, etc.

This is a species of seafood with high economic value and is processed into specialties.

The Irish brown crab is similar to the Vietnamese sea crab but has a slightly flat, large, dark brown shell and a rather aggressive shape. Crab meat is firm, fragrant, very sweet and not too fat, when eaten, it does not leave a lot of smell on hand like domestic crab.


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