European Seafood


Snow crab legs

Snow crab legs imported from Canada are the split parts of the crab body, which are refrigerated in accordance with standards to keep the sweetness and aroma of crab meat. Snow crab leg is a product with high quality and nutritional value, so it is used a lot by restaurants and retail customers.

King Crab

King Crab is the largest type of crab in the world. Being appreciated for its nutritional value, crab meat is firm, crispy, sweet and delicious.

Spider Crab Claws

The spider crab claws (king crab) is a very rare and difficult to catch crab species, living at a depth of 200-400m. This type of jcua is favored by the elite because of its nutritional value, crab meat is very sweet and firm.

Abalone Meat

Abalone or snail abalone is also known as giant snail, giant snail, sea atrium, jelly decoction…. This type of seafood is extremely rare and has high economic value. Abalone has high nutritional value because it contains lots of magnesium, vitamins B, E, protein ... so it's good for your health. Therefore, abalone is often used to cook fortified dishes or special dishes in high-end restaurants.

Brown Crab Claws

The Ireland Brown Crab Claws is the meatiest part of the Irish Brown Crab. Brown Crab Claws meat is white, chewy, sweet, naturally rich. After being separated from the body, Brown Crab Claws are preliminary processed and frozen and preserved in accordance with European standards.  

Bulot Snail

Bulot snail is a seafood dish hunted by the rich Vietnamese for their special and increasingly scarce. Bulot snail: Nobody ever ate, used as bait for fish to become expensive food favored by gourmet "  

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