Abalone Meat

Abalone or snail abalone is also known as giant snail, giant snail, sea atrium, jelly decoction…. This type of seafood is extremely rare and has high economic value. Abalone has high nutritional value because it contains lots of magnesium, vitamins B, E, protein ... so it's good for your health. Therefore, abalone is often used to cook fortified dishes or special dishes in high-end restaurants.

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Abalone Meat

Abalone is still known to everyone as the dish of "people with money", is a rare seafood with high nutritional content, contains many proteins, magnesium, vitamins and minerals so it is very beneficial for health.

For this reason abalone becomes a rare seafood and a luxury dish. Belonging to rare seafood, one of the eight delicacies called "bowl of pearls" that often appear in regal meals, many visitors coming here are also very considerate to choose "royal" dishes. this to enjoy.


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