Abalone belongs to the snail family, when it was a child, the abalone lived near the coast, clung firmly to the coastal cliffs, and ate algae and algae on the cliffs to grow. As they get older, the abalone will live far from shore, hiding under cliffs that are difficult to find. Therefore, to harvest mature abalone is often very difficult, requires skill and perseverance of the worker.

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Abalone is a luxury food just behind ginseng. Previously, this high-class food was an ingredient that was often reserved for kings, kings and powerful families. Today Hai Atrium is becoming more popular, the price is not too expensive but extremely nutritious, so it is very popular.

It also has many other names: giant muzzle, giant snail, jellyfish, some places also call them the sea ear because they are shaped like an ear.


Nutritional value

Because of a valuable source of nutrients, abalone become a valuable ingredient, helping to replenish nutrients, support recovery and take good health care.
In abalone meat contains many lipids, vitamins, or protids are good for health.
 Components haliotin I and haliotin II help inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.
In Oriental medicine, abalone is known as a material that tastes good, can can and calm, so it helps the body to be calm, positive, and bright.
Able to heat, effectively regulate, support nourishment.
Used as a precious remedy for people suffering from a number of diseases: urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections, constipation, tuberculosis, ...

Cooking instructions
Abalone is now being processed into many extremely rich and diverse dishes. You can refer to a few nutritious dishes made from abalone for families and children such as abalone sashimi, abalone porridge, abalone with oyster sauce, cauliflower,….

Storage instructions
Abalone should be stored in the freezer to keep its taste fresh and not lose nutrients. When you want to use it, you can bring naturally defrosted clams in the refrigerator cooler.

Abalone contains many nutrients such as protein, calcium, zinc, fat, vitamins, phosphorus. According to Oriental medicine, abalone has the ability to increase gas, tonic, cool down, brighten eyes, treat coughs, indigestion diseases, especially increase vitality for men. Suitable for all ages, genders, depending on the different taste of each person, you can prepare different dishes.

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